Do I need a camera with a full-frame sensor? (Part 1)

When I first started this photography journey I did not quite understand the difference between full-from, C-MOS, and micro 4/3. I knew that the sensors that fit into these different designations are of different sizes.  I also knew that this meant that lenses were made by manufacturers to tailor to each of these sensor sizes.  What I did not know was exactly how does this translate into the photography that I want to produce.

This is part 1 in my "Do I need a full-frame" series.  In the next parts to follow this one I hope to get more into a discussion of gear, but I would also like to be a proponent for creating great shot with the gear that you do have.

Tony Northrup was one of if not the first photographer that I started following on YouTube to learn more about this craft.  His teaching style is easy to follow.  I recommend his videos.  The video embedded below features a great explanation into how you can expect these different sensor sizes to act.  There some math here, but not too much to confuse or to make it boring.  After watching this video if you shoot with a C-MOS sensor and have been dreaming about full-frame, but don't yet have that in your budget you may look at your camera a little differently.  The case may be that, that little camera has more life left in it than you previously thought.