Last summer I tore my Achilles.  After that my summer pretty much felt like it was over.  The long walks that I like to take with my wife were no longer possible while I recovered from that injury.  I did still make an attempt to get outside in that I took public transportation a few days here and there back and forth to work.  Being a budding photographer of course I carried my camera eager to refine my shooting skills.  I'm sure I don't have to try to explain how hard it is to take pictures will nursing an injured leg and hobbling along on crutches.

I remember one hot, muggy day in particular on my way home from work coming off the bus with my crutches and camera.  As much as I wanted to capture the summer scenery I also wanted to just get home.  My arms were tired from a day of supporting my weight making my walk home seem like some sort of cruel punishment.  And yet in the midst of that thought I spotted long stemmed flowers planted by the neighborhood landscaping company.  The type that lend themselves perfectly to pictures because they were abuzz with activity from bees and butterflies.  I was sure to get a great shot.

A big part of me just wanted to get home and rest, but I did stop to take a shot.  After checking my camera's settings I started to raise my camera when a neighbor I did not know pulled up beside me, a good Samaritan, telling me that she saw me on my crutches and was impelled to turn around to give me a ride the rest of the way home.  Of course I did not turn down her offer.  I really appreciated the help.  I also did not get my shot.

Fast forward to today.  I'm about 90% recovered from my injury, walking and running again.  Today while walking home with my camera in hand I again noticed those same type of flowers I saw last summer.  This summer I got my shot.

Well, really I did get more than one shot.  Hey I'm glad to be up and moving this today after not being able to do that at all last summer.