Weekend in NJ at Wall Speedway

I like motorsports and yes, this is a photography blog, but here I am sharing photos.  For the those not familiar with this sport, what you see before you is a drift competition.

This is a judged sport, much like ice skating.  I compare it to this because seeing these cars go around the course is much like a dance.  It's not about who can get to a finish line first though speed is a factor in showing the technical skills of a driver will drifting through the course.  These two were so closely matched that they would face-off three times before a winner was decided.

I wish I could have gotten closer to the action, but was unable to because this time I had my son with me.  But, without him there I would not have had the benefit of seeing his reaction to the sights and sounds of these powerful cars.

Look at how shredded these tires get after just one run.

And...it's a shark!