Lindsey Buckingham Palace Live Performance at DC9

I recently got the opportunity to shoot a live performance by Lindsey Buckingham Palace. Mike Hill, who is the band's vocalist and rhythm guitarist introduced me to some of their music and invited me out to the show at DC9 Nightclub. This band is based out of the Washington, DC area. They can be found playing various venues in the city. Look out for them to be on the stage of Adam's Morgan Day on September 14th.

The following image of Mike Hill you may have seen in black and white in a previous post. Let me know in the comments below of either post if you prefer the color or black and white image. I'm still undecided.

Mike Hill, Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

For these next few shots I think they look great in black and white as the absence of color seems to add more meaning, more emotion. Sometimes color in a photo can be distracting while the black and white image allows you to pay may attention to the subjects in the image. In this case I think these photos show a camaraderie and convey a good sense of harmony seen in the members of LBP.

LBP deep into a groove

From left to right: Made Ployamornrat - Drums, Mark Minnicucci - Lead Guitar, Mike Hill - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Marc Rothschild - Bass Guitar

Mark Minicucci, Lead Guitar

Even though the drummer is in the back there's just as much going on back there as anywhere else on the stage. Here below we see Made at work.

Made Playamornrat on the drums

Marc Rothschild on the bass and Mark Minicucci on the guitar filling DC9 with music.

Marc Rothschild, Bass Guitar

Mark Minicucci, Lead Guitar