Building an Editing PC

With a core i7 processor and 8 GB or RAM I thought that I would have a decent experience editing photos on my laptop, but this has not proven to be so. Editing is often slow and sluggish. I often make a move to execute a change and then wait to watch it happen. This takes me out of the process and is mentally taxing.

If you find yourself in a similar situation then maybe you'll find some value in my discoveries as I go along in my computer build. I'll attempt to document the process as I determine the pieces of this build and also detail how things go for me as this is my first time and I think this can be a learning process for all involved. It could also be that someone can comment and give me some needed insight as I go along. 

I think at one point most serious amateurs and professionals have considered whether they should build or buy a ready-made system. I've decided to build hopefully this process is compelling enough to help me make regular updates. Being more active in this space was a 2015 goal for me and I'm running out of time to succeed in this goal.

I hope to share more details soon.