My Art Is My Arsenal

When I first heard the name for this clothing line, My Art Is My Arsenal, it instantly struck me that there's something special here. The name itself sends a message that I feel would speak to many. No matter what you're into for your job or your hobby this name fits.

Your job might be where you produce your best most thought provoking art. The product of that work does not have to be shown on a canvas to be considered as such. Pretty much anything that you do that you get yourself lost in can be your "art". This covers a wide gamut. A sports player at the top of his game can execute a run, a shot, or a defensive move in a way that even someone not fully versed in the sport itself can see the art in motion. Words do not have to form a poem to be poetic. Some great lawyers have crafted arguments that can be seen as poetic prose that speaks to the heart of a person.

Perhaps like most of us it's what you do after work hours or on weekends that helps to give you that mental recharge. Being a chronic hobbyist myself I know that being active in whatever your interest is serves as a great exercise for the mind and body. Even a seemingly benign activity such as riding a motorcycle crosses into that artistic territory especially when the rhythm of actuating brake and throttle falls in sync with the demands of the road you're riding on.

This clothing line is at it's start and I look forward to seeing what it can do and who it will touch. As this line matures and expands upon the message that its own name conveys I think it'll be exciting to see how it is adopted and by who.

Model Dwight with clothing line owner Derrick Smith

I met up with the owner of the clothing line Derrick Smith to capture some photos. His pal Dwight served as our model for the shoot. Head over to the site,, to keep up to date on new items for sale. You can also keep up on news of upcoming artists featured on their blog. Please enjoy these images as I offer you my art.