Something Different...

I'm doing something that I did not do in all of 2016, writing a blog post. Sure I've submitted posts of images, but I have not been doing much writing. For this year I plan to change that.

To write more this year is not a New Year's resolution. I don't like the idea of waiting until some point to decide to make a change in my life. I say that if you see room for improvement just do it! This post is inspired by a good friend of mine who's writing a book and stretching out into other lines of business. I look forward to seeing what she will produce this year. Maybe in this blog space I'll get an opportunity to feature some of her creations.

Okay, back to this space. This is a photography site and supposed to be a photography blog, but not much of that has been happening here. From this moment onward I plan to change that. I've not done much self promotion because for me photography has always been a side business that supports the hobby itself. While it will remain secondary to my 9 to 5 I'd like to give it more attention this year.

This first post of 2017 is written as a record to myself, a contract so to speak, something that I can look back on to remind myself of what I planned and to see if I did measure up. So the following is a short list of things that I will do this year:

  • More promotion for Team Hall Photo
  • Say yes to more photo shoots and weddings
  • Shoot more images and post more of what I shoot
  • Do at least one personal photography related project
  • Join a group for a photo walk
  • Organize a photo walk with a small group
  • Create more blog entries this year than I did last year

Okay, I know the last bullet point is easily achievable, but I do plan to over-achieve. I look forward to getting the above mentioned items done and also look forward to seeing what sort of audience I can gain and what audience I do have. I hope to hear more from those that pay attention to my online spaces and would like to do some work with you if possible. Whether it's a collaboration or for you to be a happy customer. Putting this list in front of me will help to serve as a reminder to what I'd like to get done this year and it will be fun and satisfying to cross items off as they are completed.

This post and the many others that will follow this year will continue to fit my theme, "Embrace Change".

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Why the image, well I did say I would shoot more and post more. Look I'm already following through!