A Post About a Month Later

Here I am about a month later and I have not held up to the standards I set for myself with my first post of 2017. I'm only human. We all make mistakes and blogging though it's easy hasn't found its way into my routine. Here is another attempt at being consistent.

I think I will make sure that I post a picture with each post. This will force me to keep shooting.

This above picture is of a lovely couple that I know, good friends. I like this shot because they come off as really natural in the shot. Also I'm happy with how the lighting turned out especially with the fact that a bare speedlight was used. The light was bounced off of a column behind and to the right of me. Similar to what can be seen in the background in the right-hand side of this picture.

There, I did it. I submitted a blog post. I'll try to get on a weekly schedule here. I think as I get more regular I will get more focused in my topics.