The first meal I prepared as a stay at home dad

Look  at that smile, that look of contentment, that happiness. That is my sign of a job well done. My reward for successfully putting together a good meal.

Eating a healthy meal of chicken and baby bok choy.

For me that feeling of contentment and happiness had become ever so elusive outside of the home. This achievement that I documented with the above photograph, taken on the first day that I decided to stay home, happened 4 days before this post was written. Yes, I chose to leave behind a hectic career in technology and project management. Being that I'm only four days in on such a big decision it's still too soon for me to yet realize that this was the best decision I could have made. But, there's something about that smile above that tells me that I'm heading in the right direction.

This meal was made by me early in the evening on a Monday, perhaps about 4 PM. Typically I would not be home until about 4 hours later at the earliest. Working late into the evening had become a norm for me. Even if I was able to make it home at a decent hour my time with my family was short-lived and divided because of the constant stream of calls and emails. And, soon I often would find myself behind a laptop working through and missing the bedtime routines.

In this image there is no glamorous life portrayed here. Here you will not see the coveted material rewards and riches that can be had from achievements gained along the way while facing the daily grind of corporate life. But, for me in an age where work hours increasingly cease to have boundaries this represents an awesome win because enjoying this sort of time on a Monday has quickly become a rare commodity.