The Entreprenuer's Journey: Day 4 - Bath Time

Written by: Sean Hall

I needed to take a break. I needed time to just allow my thoughts to run unhindered, uninterrupted. There was a lot for me to think about and I needed to sort through them all.

Bath bubbles, Bluetooth audio, and Evernote

I went from working in an office with a pace that felt too slow for me. In this office I was surrounded by egos and facing management decisions I disagreed with. So I left to join a new company. There they moved so fast that there seemed to be a an imaginary ticking time-bomb somewhere that would surely blow if we slowed down. There I also was surrounded by egos and management decision that I disagreed with.

Both environments felt like scenes from a movie where the protagonist stands separate from the scene that goes on all around them. They can see something that the others cannot and though you do your best to communicate it the message is not getting through. In one place everyone was stuck moving in slow motion while in the other the speed at which they moved caused them to blur around me. In both scenarios those moving in the scene do not understand their movement. They don't know how they got there. They are stuck in this synchronized movement and do not see a way out. As a matter of fact many aren't looking to do things any other way. The majority perception here is that there has always only been this one way to move about.

It was these realities, the fact that both of these worlds exist and go on existing that I needed a break from. The misalignment is often so jarring that is quickly produces fatigue and I felt that the I could or should no longer continue to fight against the prevailing currents. I say "could not" because that fight was becoming overwhelming, and I say "should not" because if one is going to fight just to stay in one place, making no progress then there doesn't seem to be much of a point to that fight.

I don't know the history on this and maybe I should look it up, but someone one day thought it was a good idea to add feathers to an arrow. Somehow they were able to determine that feathers would add stability and improve the chance that the arrow would fly along its intended path. Surely there must have been doubters. They always seem to be there ready to tell an inventor that he should not journey on that path least traveled.

On this day 4 of my own movement off of the well-beaten path I need rest for the journey ahead. I know there will be challenges and I'm going to need my strength and mental fortitude to deal with them as they arise. And, as I take this bubble bath I will only focus on making it, making a living in a way designed and approved by me.