Twin Photo Shoot

Written by: Sean Hall of Team Hall Photo

A few years ago when I had the desire to graduate from natural light photography I acquired equipment to set up a small studio in my basement and started experimenting with strobes . Naturally the newest members of the family I thought were good subjects to put in front of the camera. The following images are from that session.

We started with a black background. I quickly found that using the model lamps for these photos was best as the strobes seemed to be too overpowering for these cute little babies. My wife's jewelry and a book were used for props.

We then gave our models a quick break while we changed the background from black to white. We continued to use the soft modeling lights of the strobe units as we felt that this continued to give a nice look to the images and set the glamorous bedtime tone we were looking to achieve.

After being satisfied with the look we were getting from the modeling lamps we decided to move on to using the strobes to get a more high-key look. We added hats to pump up the mood. These next set of images remind me of Puff Daddy's Bad Boy of the 90's era.

I hope you enjoyed the images. If so please leave a comment. Also if you'd like to get images similar to these of your own babies please feel free to reach out to me via the contact page.

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