Glory Doughnuts in Frederick, MD

This past Friday work took me up to Frederick, MD. I was glad to be in this area because I saw Glory Doughnuts the last time I was here, but did not have time to stop and try it out. The last time I was driving by this place looked promising because though this is a small town the place looked like it was receiving a good bit of attention. There were a number of customers eating both inside and out front.

Now one would think that a place that has doughnut in the name means that you should order a doughnut. Well, I didn't do that because thought the first time I saw the place I wanted a one, on this day I was not in the mood for such a treat. Instead I opted for one of their breakfast items. I like that breakfast is offered here all day.

On the menu I had set my eyes on the french toast. As I tentatively ordered this item while perusing other choices I was asked by the lady behind the counter, "do you like Whiskey?" I quickly replied, "of course I do"! With that question this decision was then made an obvious and easy choice. She informed me that the filling within this sort of french toast sandwich contains whiskey.

The sandwich was pretty good. Not something I would eat a lot of though because of how sweet it was, but I know for sure that my kids would love it. They are sugar fiends. Pictured just to the right of my french toast meal is a sort of mango drink mixed with some other citrus fruit. Most likely orange. Sorry I don't remember. But that too was good.

This place is small, but feels right sized. Of course it wouldn't hurt to have more seating inside as Glory Doughnuts sits about 7 adults comfortably. But, for the size of the surrounding town and the snack friendly type of menu on-hand I think the seating is quite adequate and I never felt cramped.

The aesthetics of Glory Doughnuts from the logo to the exterior and interior decor gives off a sort of unapologetic feeling to the place as if to say like it or leave it. There are no pretenses here. It's a you get what you see sort of place and that's quite alright. If you're thirsty and want something sweet to eat then you're in the right place.

I'm not sure when I'll find myself back in Frederick, MD, but when I do get back there I'll be making a stop here and this time I'll try one of their doughnuts.