Goodbye Adobe and hello Phase One, Macphun/SKYLUM, Affinity, ON1?

Written by: Sean Hall

This post is about an experience of too little too late. The product that has brought about too little change and came too late for me is Adobe's Lightroom.

When I was new to the Adobe lineup of products as it pertains to photo editing I initially had trouble understanding why there were two products that seemed to do much of the same thing. Didn't make sense to support a workflow that starts in one product and is finished in another and yet those files don't continue to exist seamlessly.

For years I worked almost exclusively in Adobe Camera Raw and only stepped over into Photoshop when I needed more control over colors. This sort of tool set just feels like someone saw a need, created a new product to address those needs, but didn't get a chance to seamlessly integrate the new development with the old. And, so two products exist sometimes duplicating efforts. This oversight makes sense for a small company with limited resources, but just feels inexcusable for Adobe. With their subscription plans it feels like they're spending more time on how to get more money out of their consumer base more so than how to add more value into their products.

Since it no longer feels like a cozy relationship for me to continue with Adobe I'm planning on moving on.

Building an Editing PC

With a core i7 processor and 8 GB or RAM I thought that I would have a decent experience editing photos on my laptop, but this has not proven to be so. Editing is often slow and sluggish. I often make a move to execute a change and then wait to watch it happen. This takes me out of the process and is mentally taxing.

If you find yourself in a similar situation then maybe you'll find some value in my discoveries as I go along in my computer build. I'll attempt to document the process as I determine the pieces of this build and also detail how things go for me as this is my first time and I think this can be a learning process for all involved. It could also be that someone can comment and give me some needed insight as I go along. 

I think at one point most serious amateurs and professionals have considered whether they should build or buy a ready-made system. I've decided to build hopefully this process is compelling enough to help me make regular updates. Being more active in this space was a 2015 goal for me and I'm running out of time to succeed in this goal.

I hope to share more details soon.