Project: Show Some Love: Let's Get Running

Other than photography I like cars. In this case the car that I've started a renewed project on is my 2004 Mazda RX-8. I'm the original owner for this car and it has unavoidably come to my attention that this care needs some love, hence the project title, "Show Some Love".

 Some tools of my labor

Some tools of my labor

Like any man-made product this car has parts that have worn down over time. This became quite apparent to me when riding home one evening. At that time I noticed that my oil pressure gauge dipped all the way down and my clutch stuck to the floor. A leak in one of my rusty old oil lines and a failing master clutch cylinder lead to the aforementioned behavior.

 Stock oil coolers removed

Stock oil coolers removed

A quick tow to a local shop and my master cylinder was replaced, but when it came to the oil coolers I did not want to replace just one being the age of the existing system and I did not want to just go for a stock replacement. To fulfill this desire I called up and ordered up their Performance Oil Cooler Kit. Unfortunately it is the policy of the shop that had my car at the to not installed parts that were not sourced by them, so I had the care towed home and so began my DIY project.

 RX8Performance, Performance Oil Cooler Kit

RX8Performance, Performance Oil Cooler Kit

I decided to document this journey and use this material for blog entries. My other hobbies often cross my photography interests and so these two interests will coincide here in this and subsequent blog posts.

Following along with the theme of showing love I want to show some love to and thank the some YouTubers and internet personalities that helped to motivate me to embark on this journey. I think I will make this last part a regular part of this series as I know with project like this many hands often help to lighten the load and help keep things moving forward. Thanks to the following:

Scott of - Thanks for great customer service and for getting the order out to me so quickly.

Jeris of Apex Photography Group (IG: apexphotographygroup) - Thanks for a helping hand with getting off the stock oil cooler lines.

Chris Peruccio of Krsipy Media (specifically for this video: - This documentary video of an RWB Porsche in Philadelphia reignited my waning interest in cars.

A Post About a Month Later

Here I am about a month later and I have not held up to the standards I set for myself with my first post of 2017. I'm only human. We all make mistakes and blogging though it's easy hasn't found its way into my routine. Here is another attempt at being consistent.

I think I will make sure that I post a picture with each post. This will force me to keep shooting.

This above picture is of a lovely couple that I know, good friends. I like this shot because they come off as really natural in the shot. Also I'm happy with how the lighting turned out especially with the fact that a bare speedlight was used. The light was bounced off of a column behind and to the right of me. Similar to what can be seen in the background in the right-hand side of this picture.

There, I did it. I submitted a blog post. I'll try to get on a weekly schedule here. I think as I get more regular I will get more focused in my topics.